About Us

Pro Sports Therapy, Inc. | Waltham MA | Westford MA

Pro Sports Therapy was established in 1999 in Waltham, Massachusetts. One of the founding owners is Don Worden, who served as team physical therapist and assistant athletic trainer for the NHL Boston Bruins from 1985 to 1992. Ed Lacerte, also a founding owner, served as the team physical therapist and athletic trainer for the NBA Boston Celtics from 1987-2017. Under the leadership of the owners, Pro Sports Therapy grew from a two-clinician practice to a group of 25 physical therapists and physical therapy assistants.

In 2005, Pro Sports Therapy opened its second location in Westford MA. There are currently 16 Physical Therapists and 2 Physical Therapists Assistants, who provide the same high quality of care.

In January of 2007, Pro Sports Therapy acquired the Spine Program, AKA the "Boot Camp", from New England Baptist Hospital. Appropriate for patients from teens to seniors with sub-acute and chronic spine conditions, the interdisciplinary spine program incorporates cardiovascular exercises, stretching and aggressive strengthening using weight equipment and free weights.

Pro Sports Therapy takes pride in the knowledge and skill level of its clinical staff and encourages staff members to pursue continued education. The staff is required to attend regular in house seminars led by senior clinical staff or by invited speakers. Topics of discussion include the latest techniques utilized in the physical therapy industry and recent developments in medicine.